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  • Create a WCF Callback

    We are diving deeper into the topics of Callbacks in this post. What this post will cover: Why do you want callbacks What is a Callback How to deal with callbacks in WCF? How can you setup a callback How can a callback be invoked (service side invocation) How you manage callbacks with Connect/Disconnect How […]

  • Set up WCF client proxy

    To use your WCF service with a WCF client you will need to get access to the service. WCF does this by supplying a transparent proxy of the service to your client. This can then be used to invoke remote methods on the service. So in this post we will look into the ways to […]

  • Host your WCF service

    The WCF service cannot exist in a void. And because WCF is a Windows technology you will need to set up a windows process of some sorts to host your WCF service. For this you have three different options. IIS WAS Self- hosting Actually there is also the fourth possibility of hosting a service InProc. […]