And there goes my second course on udemy on the topics of how to be increase your .Net productivity.
In case you missed it here is the link to my first course, which is asynchronous programming with dotnet and the TPL.


Not only will this make you more productive but also way more confident with your abilities!

In the course we examine several topics of day to day programming with .Net that should be common knowledge but are often forgotten or not well known until you need them again…

We will treat the following topics in general

  • Do you need to think twice which Linq Operater you need  to use or do you have the need to check on stackoverflow every little detail for LINQ queries?
  •  Is it Substring or Replace in this circumstance again?
  • How can you add buffering to your stream again?
  • Need to dynamically work with JSON objects?
  • Those and many more every day questions will be answered by this course on day to day programming in .Net.

In particular the course covers the following topics:

  • LINQ qerying from fluent to query syntax
  • All LINQ operators (from the standard library)
  • Common string operations and best practices
  • Equality and Comparison like it is intended
  • Working with datetimes and timespans
  • Serialization with JSON.NET
  • Streams and I/O with .Net

Now do not waste anymore time…

maximize your productivity, enroll in the course and save 70% on its original price of 29,99€.

That is still not all!
The course will be updated frequently with community feedback

It has lots of engaging exams and quizzes…

…and in the end you cannot loose, because if you do not like what you are getting, you still have 30 days refund with no questions asked!

So enjoy the course, make sure to review it, and become more proficient with .NET in your day to day work.

Also leave me some hints on what you want to see next. (;

There are already two courses up and coming:
The first one is one for Microsoft Azure for developers, the other one is about RabbitMQ and how to use it effectively, so be prepared…

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