Timo Heiten works as a software freelancer and teaches his day to day knowledge in online courses. Those include .Net, software engineering technologies and DevOps topics.

RabbitMQ from start to finish

Learn all Messaging concepts with the most wide spread open source broker out there. Learn everything from server basics to clustering. Includes examples in .Net and Python

Docker for Software Developers

Learn everything you need about Docker to get started as a Developer. From Dockerfiles and Images, to Containers, Networks, Volumes and Docker-Compose

Data access with .Net and C#

Learn the most common technologies to use for SQL and NoSQL data access with .Net and C#. From ADO.Net and EF to MongoDB and Redis cache.

Asynchronous Programming with .Net

Learn everything about the common .Net APIs for asynchronous programming.
With Threads, Locking, TPL and Parallel programming

Prouctivity with .Net and C#

Learn how to be more productive with C# and .Net core.
The course includes LINQ, effectively working with the framework and String workings for day to day work.


Docker vs VM

In this post we will explore how Docker compares to Virtual Machines: Docker vs VM as a battle so to speak. We will learn how and if this works in general and what their use Read more…

Asynchronous mechanisms

In this post we will explore the different mechanisms of asynchronous programming. For more topics on asynchronous programming see the overview. Mechanisms of asynchronous programming For asynchronous programming there are three possible mechanisms. These are Read more…

Docker für .Net Entwickler

dotnet core sdk:  docker desktop/docker for mac/ docker for linux:  VS Code VS Code Extension I: Omnisharp VS Code Extension II: Docker oder: Visual Studio 2019 Zusätzlich findest du den Code, die Dockerfiles und weiters im folgenden Github Repository Read more…