Learn all about the TPL, Threads and asynchronous programming with .net

Learn to use the TPL with .Net and how the underlying mechanisms work.

This includes Mechanisms of asynchrony in general, how the Thread API works with .Net and why we need asynchrony in the first place.

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Asynchronous programming


Mechanisms of asynchrony and why we need asynchronous programming.

Thread Safety

Learn all the thread safety techniques and why it is important.

Async and await

What is async and await?

Pfx - Parallel Programming

Learn what the Parallel Programming Framework allows to do.

Asynchronous techniques

General techniques like Threads, Tasks and so on.

Concurrent data structures

Use the concurrent data structures like Blockingcollections and Concurrent Queues/Stacks and Dictionaries

Intro to Tasks and TPL

Learn about the Task as an abstraction of some asynchronous Work.

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Asynchronous programming course - Threads, Tasks, async & await and Thread Safety