The next course on Udemy with .Net or other topics is up to you to decide!!

The poll is open until end of June 2019, because the second week in July I am going to start filming.

I probably will do most or all of the suggestions here, yet I cannot do all of them at once even though I´d love too. Yet I still have a lot of client work to do.
Feel free to message me on Udemy, write a comment below or use the form to publish the course you want to see.

Next Course on Udemy ideas:

  • Data Access with .Net

    • SQL with ADO.NET and Entity Framework Core
    • NoSQL with MongoDb and Redis
    • Access to XML, JSON, CSV and plain text files
    • Also more on working with Queryables and LINQ
    • Lots of programming exams and an example app we use to query data
    • Work with Network streams: Socket, TcpClient/Listener and HttpClient
    • Rather short course but a very fundamental one
  • Azure for .Net Developers

    • Deploy a Web app constructed of 3 services (Backend, E-Mail Sending Service, Data Transformation Service)
    • Really focused on day to day tasks as you deploy dotnet web apps
    • Explain concepts of Resource Groups, App Service Plan etc.
    • Deploy AzureSQL, Web App (dotnet core asp backend in docker container)
    • Blob Storage, for uploading of files
    • WebJobs/Azure Functions triggered by uploading a file
    • Queuing Service, connects the services with low coupling
    • and much more
  • RabbitMQ – Build scalable apps with .Net clients

    • What is RabbitMQ and AMQP
    • Why use it?
    • How does it work? (Queues, Exchanges and Messages)
    • Administration basics (REST, Web UI, etc.)
    • Manage users and VHOSTS
    • Explain different Messaging patterns
    • Example app for .Net with SDK
    • Example app with .Net and MassTransit
    • High availability and Scalability topics

Thanks so much for participating.

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