Docker for Developers

Learn all about Docker for Developers that you need to learn to be productive .

Understand how Dockerfile, Images and Containers work together.

Which problems does Docker solve? How can we use it for .Net effectively?

Those and more questions are answered on this blog and in the online course (just click the image).

Udemy Course on Docker


Docker with .Net core

Docker vs VM

Learn the difference between docker and VMs

Images and Containers

Compare them to source code and binaries

Docker Networks

Learn about how docker networks work and what kind of networks there are.

Docker volumes

Learn which entities exist and how they are used.


Ideas and how it works, including YAML tutorial.

Recipe Intro

What are Docker recipes and what is the style?

Recipe 1: Postgres backup

Do and restore a postgres backup inside a container.

Recipe2: Debug a failing container

Learn different approaches for debugging a container.

Recipe 3: RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ setup for consumer and producer with Docker.

Recipe 4: WordPress and MariaDb

Connect WordPress and MariaDb with Docker-compose