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  • WCF Instancemanagement

    WCF helps you build your SOA or simply eases the way of connecting two applications. To handle this, the connection of the client and the service needs to be handled in some way. The good thing about WCF is that it is so very extendable and configurable. This holds true for the management of client and […]

  • Create a WCF Callback

    We are diving deeper into the topics of Callbacks in this post. What this post will cover: Why do you want callbacks What is a Callback How to deal with callbacks in WCF? How can you setup a callback How can a callback be invoked (service side invocation) How you manage callbacks with Connect/Disconnect How […]

  • Set up WCF client proxy

    To use your WCF service with a WCF client you will need to get access to the service. WCF does this by supplying a transparent proxy of the service to your client. This can then be used to invoke remote methods on the service. So in this post we will look into the ways to […]

  • Host your WCF service

    The WCF service cannot exist in a void. And because WCF is a Windows technology you will need to set up a windows process of some sorts to host your WCF service. For this you have three different options. IIS WAS Self- hosting Actually there is also the fourth possibility of hosting a service InProc. […]

  • Introduction to WCF

    What is WCF? Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in short enables you to build plain .Net classes and expose them as a technological agnostic service to the outside world. This is a good idea for several reasons. It tends to reduce coupling. Also writing those services yourself adds little business value and lots of things can […]

  • DataContractAttribute

    When you use a WCF ServiceContract you will want to supply custom Types for your Operations. This custom types need to be robust for versioning, should supply collections and .Net types like string, int or enums. This post is going to show you, how and why you want to use the DataContractAttribute. It will also […]

  • Configure WCF

    For the following sections we will utilize following service definition and contract:

    Administrative Configuration To administratively configure your endpoints to use in WCF you simply add a system.serviceModel section in your app(exe).config/web.config file like the following example:

    You can see the ABC of WCF in the endpoint section. (beeing Address, Binding and Contract […]

  • ServiceContractAttribute, OperationContractAttribute, Ways to Invoke a method

    This post dives into the technicalities of what a service in WCF can do and how you can configure this. We are going to start with the ServiceContractAttribute and its properties. We proceed with the OperationContractAttribute and finish with the ways an operation can be invoked in WCF. ServiceContractAttribute We will learn the following: Mapping […]