Finally – my course on mastering asynchronous programming


was finished, polished and then finally uploaded on April 26 2019.

The reason for this course is that I often see other developers struggling with asynchronous programming in my day to day work as a freelancer.
So why a blog post about this?

First of all I want to demonstrate you the topics I teach in the course and also this blog should somehow be a log of my achievements and milestones.
And hey, having your first digital product online is a huge one, at least for me.

Besides the course I already wrote some blog posts that deal with mastering asynchronous programming with the TPL, which you can see here:

In the course I talk about how the low level Thread API works and how this evolved to Tasks and async and await keywords.

So when you enroll with the course you will easily be well equipped to tackle every asynchronous programming problem in .Net that you might encounter.

It also covers:

  • Thread Safety
  • Mechanisms of asynchrony
  • Examples of Deadlocks and how to overcome it
  • Best practices
  • And lots of quizzes to test your abilities

And with the following coupon you get a discount so it is only 9,99 € even though the normal price is 29,99€ !
Just click the image below which will send you directly to the website of udemy:



Why did I create a udemy course?

I once wrote about how you can market yourself and improve your skillset at the same time here.

In this I stated that you benefit in different regards from doing new things.
In creating my first udemy course I learned not only how uncomfortable it is to speak in front of a microphone for the first time, but also how weird it is to see yourself on camera.
So this is something I removed 😀 and focused on slides and showing how to implement things in code instead.

I also learned:

  • How to use screenflow (a screen capture software for macOS)
  • Audio editing tools and
  • How to market an online product (which this blog post is definitely part of, but not a huge one).

And the most important part of it all:
I had a friggin lot of fun doing all this. Actually it was so much fun, that I created already the next course which is about productivity with dotnet

Become a master of asynchronous programming at a huge discount of almost 70% by enrolling right away!

You also have a 30 day refund on Udemy, live long access and support from my side.


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