This section of the blog will deal entirely with docker. We will look especially at some smaller example applications and compositions to demonstrate how to deal with some problems one encounters as a devOps engineer or as IT Professional in general.

Each of this recipes will be structured in a similar manner:

  1. We look at the problem we want to solve by analyzing it
  2. Then we determine why and in which situations a docker container might be a good solution to the problem at hand
  3. When we have a clear vision, we will look at what we have to do to accomplish this task
  4. The next step will always be to explain the how to do it.
  5. After we looked at those steps, we will cover the caveats of the given approach
  6. At last we look at some more advanced scenario ideas from which you can extend the given recipe

(Most)All recipes will be accompanied by a github repository which you can clone or download to follow along or try it out yourself.

It is also important to note what this recipes are not:

  • In depth explanation of docker concepts
  • complete walkthrough solutions to problems

For this you need to take a look at the other posts on my blog about docker or peek at the documentation (which is sometimes a little too abstract).

For more infos either visit the site:


Or my online course on the topic

(english) Docker Course, is also available in german


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